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Renishaw RL40 Inspection Probe

20th April 2017

With the ever increasing need for "right first time – zero defect machining" A Renishaw RLP 40 radio inspection probe kit system is the ideal way of achieving such results as demonstrated on a 102 TM CNC W25




Eccentric Turning with 136 11 AX-Y

25th March 2017

Schaublin Machines SA and their close partner MW programmation SA have developed a very powerful post processor for Alphacam CAD CAM software to enable the end user limitless flexibility in programming very complex components on the 136/142 series.




Total Automation

1st March 2017

The 142 11AX-Y, Sylvac and Alphacam software show you how the workshop can become fully automated.




Engraving with the 102 TM

16th May 2016

Component part marking for traceability is becoming increasingly necessary.

With the 102 TM CNC The 3 axis interpolation X,Z & C together with driven tooling up to 24,000 rpm facilitates the possibilities for the end user.

Example of engraving carried out on 102 TM




High Speed Milling Center

4th April 2016

HSM 330 and HSM 510 are compact CNC High speed milling centers providing a high quality and high precision.

Highly polyvalent and rigid, it can be used for a large application variety whatever for prototyping, small or large production.

Due to the exceptional technical capacities of the machine, all nonproductive time are reduced to their minimum bringing highly productive equipment working for the high precision field.

DDS spindle motor, thermally isolated to reduce to the minimum the thermal dispersion in order to guarantee the high precision.

Frontal turret tool changer with 20 positions. Mechanical frontal turret tool changer mounted in a mechanical cam strongly built for fast operation. The spindle orientation can be set up while the tool changing in order to reduce to the minimum the tool changing time (1.6 seconds).

HSM 510

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